Become a contributor to the site and start selling your photos today!
- Upload your images and organize them into albums
- Add your images to the main galleries for front page exposure
- 10GB of storage
- Create landing page with picture, biography and list of albums
- Personal direct link to bio (
- We provide you with marketing material.
- Allow thousands of riders in our site to purchase your pictures.
- CanterClix gets only a small commission on every sale.* NO MONTHLY FEE

*Please, do not upload photos of shows in which you/we do no have permission to photograph and sell. Check the list of horse shows where we have permission to work. If you want to photograph a show that it is not in the list, please contact us. *CanterClix gets a fixed percentage of the sales when photographer is the one who got the show without the help of CanterClix staff. When CanterClix arranges the show for the photographer, CanterClix gets a variable percentage depending on each show.

Price: Free